Move2Learn Toolkits and Training

Asking teachers to add one more thing to their already too-full plates can be difficult. Recognizing the need for teachers to have simple ways to get kids active right at their fingertips, RunningBrooke developed an innovative Move2Learn Toolkit that contains fun, heart-rate-elevating activities, or brain boosts, that teachers can use where it has the most impact – right in the classroom. The Move2Learn Toolkit contains a movement cube, fitness deck, bean bags, timer, perpetual calendar with daily brain boost suggestions, a “fitness clock” poster, and instructions and ideas for incorporating movement into academic lessons.

RunningBrooke also provides hands-on training to groups of teachers as well as during ACPS professional development sessions with ideas for using the Toolkits and the importance of getting kids active throughout the day. By providing students with 5-10 minutes each day of brain boosts, teachers have seen increased focus, fewer off-task behaviors, and fewer trips to the principal’s office. One thrilled teacher stated once she walked the kids through the Toolkit activities, they could run them themselves, giving her extra minutes to organize the next academic lesson.

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RunningBrooke Move2Learn Handout