2021: A few highlights

2021 was an exciting, productive and fun year for us at RunningBrooke. We welcomed new staff, visited a ton of schools, installed flexible seating and stationary bikes, brought on five new board members, started teaching the importance of movement in Social, Emotional and Academic Learning lessons and met in-person as a team for the first time in more than a year!

From left to right:

  • Jen Wiser, our new director of RB programs;
  • Letrania Martin, librarian at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School, on one of the school’s new Pedals & Pages stationary bike;
  • Student at Chick Armstrong Rec Center using RB’s Move2Learn fitness cube that landed on a tree pose;
  • Four of our new board members — Nicole P. Jones, Nicole McGrew, Lucresha C. Murphy-Tate, Chris Suarez (Bryan Montgomery II not pictured here). Learn more;
  • Together again after more than a year;
  • F.T. Day elementary teacher, April Rodgers, and her running club crew;
  • Saying goodbye to our intern, Lorraine Johnson, as she heads off to college. The ACHS graduate was president of the Black Student Union and a student rep on the Alexandria City School Board;
  • A student at Chance for Change trying out the active seating accordion stool (he liked it!); and
  • A bunch of donut balls we delivered to Naomi Brooks Elementary School!