Alexandria City Public Schools wrapped up the RunningBrooke Movement Challenge last December! The challenge had the most participants ever, with over 4,000 students from nearly every school across ACPS — including for the first time all middle and high schools. They got moving by integrating physical activity into the classroom. Twice daily, teachers used our Move2Learn Toolkits, fitness and yoga decks and other programming to lead kids in push-ups, jumping jacks, running in place, yoga poses and the like to boost brain power.

The numbers tell it all!
  • 169 teachers and more than 4,000 students participated
  • 250 Move2Learn Teacher Toolkits delivered
  • $16,900 will be distributed to the schools to spend on what they most need to bring more movement to their classrooms
  • 85% of teachers say movement in the classroom positively impacts their students’ emotional well-being
  • 79% noticed an increase in student focus and attention
The amount of money each school is awarded is based on how many teachers participated. Douglas MacArthur had the most, with a whopping 40. At $100 a pop, they’ll receive $4,000. Polk Elementary came in second with 26 amazing teachers and will receive $2,600. And Charles Barrett came in third with 16; they’ll receive $1,600.


Now in its 4th year, our signature program serves as an important way to introduce movement into the school day so students feel and learn their best. And the kids really get into it. Teachers report that once students get the hang of it, they’ll take over to lead the Brain Boosts using our fitness cube. They even like to track class participation. All really great stuff! Congratulations to everyone!