Meet Elizabeth Lucchesi

Combine quick-wit, a gleeful laugh, and an appropriate amount of sass, and you have Elizabeth Lucchesi. Elizabeth founded the LizLuke Team in 2003 and is the lead realtor.

She is a master negotiator, skillful analyst, and a passionate real estate professional.  Her career has spanned two decades, affording her first-hand knowledge of how real estate performs during a variety of economic environments.

She’s also RunningBrooke’s Presenting Sponsor! We “sat down” with Elizabeth recently for a Q&A. Read on!

What was it that first attracted you to RunningBrooke’s mission and what program is most important to you?

It was seeing Brooke take on the philanthropy herself. She was a one woman show. What sparked it was hearing her story about going for a long run after Sept 11, 2001, and feeling like she had to do something for people less fortunate.

RunningBrooke’s Move2Learn program is most important to me. I just love the fact that it provides students, at home and in the classroom, consistent exercise triggers throughout the day. Just seeing how exercise affects your ability to learn and grow and perform makes a huge difference.

What is your favorite thing about your career?

It’s the satisfaction I feel knowing I’ve helped people solve their problems. I guide our clients through so they can be their own hero.Usually a house change has everything in the world to do with a life change as well. So, I try to take away the toughness of a housing decision and help our clients accomplish their goals.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be a lawyer because I saw how much my dad enjoyed his profession. I loved watching him use diplomacy to communicate with me, my mom and my siblings to have us arrive at the same answer as his.

Will you tell us a little about the animal menagerie currently living with you and your family? 

Sooo…there’s my German Shorthaired Pointer, Kaiser von Tater, otherwise known as Tater, my favorite (I can say that because he doesn’t understand it nor do his brothers.). He’s wonderful, smart, compassionate and empathic. Marley and Hercules–they share a brain. One weighs 111 pounds and one weighs six pounds. Our cats, Donut and Blacky, who replaced White Cat and Snack. Donut and Blacky channel White Cat and Snack every day. And our turtle, Karl with a K.

As a big time tennis player, who’s your favorite current or former tennis champ and why?

Ummm, I grew up watching Chris Everett. I wanted to be her. She had great hair and an awesome backhand!

What makes you laugh the most?

Oh, my husband makes me laugh. He’s hysterical!