Our 2022-2023 School Year In Action

We’re super excited for our 2022-2023 school year plans and goals. We’ve set an ambitious agenda, building off of last year’s progress, to serve even more students.

One of our top goals is expanding our programming to all Alexandria City Public Schools, especially in the middle and high schools. We’re well established in the elementary schools – we won’t take our eye off that ball, of course – and that’s what we want for the upper grades, too.

A snapshot of how we’ll do it

  • Deliver a total of 1,270 pieces of our Active Seating Packages, including Pedals & Pages Stationary Bikes, kindergarten through 12th grade. All students – not just elementary kids – benefit from getting movement in to boost the brain.
  • Offer Social, Emotional and Acadamic Learning in more schools through thoughtful expansion. Our role in SEAL is to bring movement to help students identify and express their feelings, calm their minds and do their best.
  • Develop age-appropriate Out of School Time programming packages for before and after school activities, like running and yoga clubs. What makes this different from other before and after school programs? We provide them at no cost to the schools or students. The way we do all of our work.

Building a Foundation

To support this vital work, another priority is to establish a strong statement of equity that will guide our work and be applied across the organization. We’re working with equity representatives from ACPS and the city to align our goals and initiatives with theirs.

Equally important, we’re communicating the significance of movement in learning and we’re identifying and advocating for opportunities. We’re building relationships with local elected officials to raise awareness of our mission and apply it in broader policy discussions and decisions.

Going the Distance

We have our work cut out for us. We started off the year running, and we’ll keep going the distance to level the learning field by meeting students where they are – so everyone can learn their best, despite their starting place.