What Teachers Are Saying

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we were able to design and deliver 96 Active Seating Packages to Alexandria City Public School educators so their classrooms are ready for the students this fall! The teachers are so excited — here’s what some of them had to say. ❤️

  • Active seating is the key…to better focused, attentive, and happy students…I am very excited…[to] offer movement to all my students! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I thank you very much! — Samuel W. Tucker ES
  • Last year I was generously awarded a RunningBrooke Grant and was able to start off my active seating journey. Since integrating active seating into my classroom, it has completely changed my students’ engagement, stamina, participation, and excitement…[This]package [will] give ALL my students an active seating option while they work at their desks. — Charles Barrett ES

  • I have been a huge advocate for flexible seating for years! I strongly believe that students need to move in the classroom…and Ihave noticed a huge difference with students’ behavior and academic achievement. I am excited…to add even more kinesthetic equipment to my room to get kids moving! — Douglas MacArthur ES
  • I have been wanting to create more flexible seating options for my students for years…[T]hese tools will help them to feel a loving and welcoming environment…and make the most progress academically. — William Ramsay ES
  • I work with students that are brand new to the country. Many of them…are kinesthetic learners that are used to working in fields in their home country with high intensity physical activity. Thus, having them come sit in a classroom for extended periods of time can be challenging…As a result, some of them end up getting in trouble and/or missing classes. By finding ways to allow them to be comfortable while learning…we can avoid disciplinary issues and create an environment where they can thrive and enjoy learning! — T.C. Williams/Alexandria City HS
  • Children need to wobble, wiggle, rock, or bounce in the classroom…to stay engaged in the activity, which is linked to higher academic performance. Thank you! — Ferdinand T. Day ES
  • Movement is crucial for ALL students! This will be very beneficial for a lot of my special education students and students who have anxiety or simply just need to move…Thank you for supporting our students! I AM SOOOO EXCITED AND GRATEFUL! — Francis C. Hammond MS
  • I have always dreamed of having a flexible seating arrangement in my classroom…to help foster student choice and increased engagement. — Francis C. Hammond MS