Fun Fact

Fact #1: We had both of our sons on skis by the age of three and it’s safe to say they have shown us how old we are getting when it comes to risk and speed.

Fact #2: I can say the alphabet backwards as quickly as you can say it forward.

Being parents of two boys who are extremely active and involved in many organized sports, my wife Christine and I feel that our mission at RunningBrooke is perfect.  Bringing exercise and opportunities to children who may not have access to what will help them succeed is a great investment in all aspects of our community and in our neighbors.

Ben Roberts

Board Director


Almost 20 years ago, I graduated from Ohio University and moved to Alexandria to build a graphic design and marketing studio. I had visited this area many times having relatives nearby and decided this is where I’d attempt to build my team and clients. Fast forward to today, and we have a fantastic team of creative talent right here in Old Town, and clients of every type to keep us performing, learning and on our toes. We specialize in branding organizations, creating their marketing campaigns, equipping them with materials and messaging across print, video and web, and trying to have some fun while doing so. You can check out some of our work and learn more about our staff at

Why I’m Involved in Running Brooke

While growing up in Ohio, my parents always had a big hand in local philanthropy hosting fundraisers through their real estate and construction company, so as kids we were always surrounded by great role models and grateful people. As I grew my studio, I was always open and interested in helping where I could using our skills, our time and our resources when possible.

Having worked with, donated to, and volunteered at 100+ nonprofits over the years, I’ve met thousands of passionate people trying to make a difference for others. When a client introduced me to Brooke, I learned that she was not only building a nonprofit, but was 100% invested in it through her time, her resources, her love of this community, her passion for helping those in need, and her crazy promise to run a marathon every month!

I was fully on board with four of Brooke’s five investments, and offered to help take some of the workload off her shoulders in the areas I could help out in, but a marathon was not one of those areas! Over the past few years and together with a great team, we’ve refined the mission to not only help families in need, but we’ve strengthened our schools, helped our students reach higher levels, equipped our teachers with much needed tools, and educated our leaders on why this is a must moving forward.

I hope that you’ll join us in investing in Alexandria’s kids through RunningBrooke’s programs, tools & playground builds!