Fun Fact

Fact #1: Mark picked up a nasty obsession with CrossFit just before turning 40. Quite the mid-life crisis. But he still is a “lifter, gymnast, sprinter” enthusiast 3-4 times a week. 2,000 WODs (Workouts Of the Day) later, he still loves it.

Fact #2: Mark is also on the board and is Treasurer of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, which runs the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter. Supporting Alexandria’s students and its pets!

Mark Davis

Board Director


Mark Davis joined the RunningBrooke board in 2017, and is currently Treasurer and Chair of the Mini-grants project. He and his wife have lived in Alexandria for over 25 years and have a daughter in high school.

Mark and his wife met at Wake Forest University – in the late 80s! One of our group of friends ahead of us had moved to Alexandria for their first professional job in DC. A few road trip weekends later, and it did not take us long to fall in love (with each other) and Alexandria. So we soon followed.

Mark began his career as an audit and tax CPA for Price Waterhouse, and eventually went to work for a client in Alexandria. Since 2002, Mark has worked at Oxford Finance LLC and is Vice President. In all, he has nearly 30 years of finance, accounting, systems and corporate administration experience for both publicly traded and private companies. Over that time, the company’s he has worked for have been acquired seven times. You learn a lot during these transactions! So a lot of experience to draw on.

Why I’m Involved in Running Brooke

I have been lucky to work for a lot of mentors who have strongly supported their communities through giving both volunteer hours and money. I feel very fortunate to have had a successful career, and believe in giving back.

I met Brooke during the 2016 Spring2Action and began to observe the great work RunningBrooke was doing. Her extreme scheme of running a marathon a month to raise awareness worked on me, and the funds she has raised and given back to movement programs hooked me. Fitness and children’s education go so well together. And I could see first-hand how my daughter seemed to excel in the classroom even more when movement was involved. Early on it was the Girls on the Run program and later she is still on the cross-country and track teams.