Reading and Riding!

This! Reading and riding to get the heart rate up to boost the brain! That’s exactly what this student — and dozens more — are doing at Jefferson Houston PreK-8 IB School. The stationary bikes are equipped with a book holder to make it easy to read and ride at the same time.

Everyone’s getting in on the action, too, because they feel great during and after their ride and are primed for learning. From students to librarians to teachers — they’re a big hit across Alexandria City Public Schools.

The bikes are part of RunningBrooke’s “Pedals & Pages” program that we’re getting into every school. We’ve been super busy these past several weeks processing orders and getting them delivered and set up. So far we’ve installed bikes in Douglas MacArthur ES and Jefferson Houston — coming soon to Patrick Henry and Samuel Tucker elementary schools!

Movement like this builds new brain cells — that’s #NEUROGENESIS@WORK!